Missed Friday’s session last week because there was an assignment due and also was struggling to sleep. I supposed that’s part of life. 

1:45 on, 0:15 off for 5x clocking 2160m. 

Bench at 50kg: 5×5. 

Squat at 40kg: 5×8. 

Dumbbell flys at 10kg (each side): 3×5, 1×10. 

Tricep pull down at 20kg: 1×20, at 25kg 1×15, at 20kg 1×20. 

Dumbbell tricep extension at 15kg: 2×10. 

Pull ups: 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4. 


11; 9

1:45 on, 0:15 off x5 and clocked 2189m. Kept first 3 rounds to 2:00 and last two to 2:05, which I’m happy with. Also, accidentally set the ergo to 1:45 instead of the 0:45 I was supposed to go for 🙊

Taking a long break before benching begins. 

Bench at 40kg: 5×10. 

Seated cable row at 45kg: 2×10, at 55kg: 2×5. 

Preacher curl at 22kg (?): 2×10. Not sure how heavy the bar is. Assuming it’s 12kg. 

Overhead tricep pull at 30kg: 2×12. 

Tricep pull down at 30kg: 2×10, at 20kg: 1×10. 


10; 8

250m row at 51.1. 

Squat at 50kg: 5×5. 

Machine shoulder press at 15kg: 3×12. 

Machine chest fly at 20kg: 12, 2×15. 

Machine deltoid fly at 15kg: 3×8. 

Deadlift at 50kg: 5×5. 

Standing bicep curl at 35kg: 5, 2×10. 

250m row at 55.8 🙁


9; 7

Did 45:15 for 5 sets and clocked 1074. That’s all the rowing for today. 

Bench at 40kg: 2×10, 1×6, 2×8

Seated cable row at 35kg for 2×12. 


Day #8; training #6

Did 1:40 on, 0:20 off for 5x clocking 2087m. 

Squats (without box) at 50kg: 5×6. 

Machine shoulder press: 2×12 + 1×10 at 15kg. 

Deadlifts at 50kg: 5×5. 

1km row … 4:03.3. Still struggling more than I should. 


Day #5 … …

2km at 8:31.1. It was honestly mentally challenging. 7x intervals clocking 1111m. 

Bench 5×5 at 50kg. Definitely need to drop the weights next week. I’m thinking pushing machine flys for 5×10 before coming back to bench. 

Seated cable rows: 5×10 at 30kg. Also got asked by an elderly man if I was socialising or exercising (I was on my phone) while I was in between sets. Offered to share with him and he said he would wait till I finished. At the end of the fourth set, he came by and asked to ask how long more I would take (I did say I have 4 more sets to go before). Ironically my entire workout took me ~10 mins including my warmup sets, which is WAY less than what they would have usually taken!! Also, I did offer to share. 

I have waited 25 mins for a lady to finish her row. I don’t see what’s the big deal with waiting for your turn or respectful asking to share. 

Triceps pull down was an absolutely disagree so no notation require. 

Machine chest flys at 25kg: 5×8. 

Guess that concludes week 1 🙂


Day #4 :)

2km at 8:29.1 and 7x intervals clocking 1109m. 

Squats at 50kg: 3×8, 2×10. Last two sets were unintentionally 10 reps (was distracted). 

Bicep cable curls (standing) at 35kg: 3×10. 

Deadlifts at 50kg: 5×5. 

One more training before weekend rest!


Day #3 and pushing 

2km (8:29.5) and instead of finishing with the usual 1km row, I’ve swapped that for 30 seconds rowing, 30 seconds rest intervals. Did that 7 times and ended up clocking 1077m. I guess this might be a more balanced routine. 

Bench 5×5 at 50kg. Bent over rows 3×10-ish at 30kg. Also did triceps overhead pull (up to 30kg), machine pec and deltoid flys. 

Fatigue is definitely building but just two more days! 


Day #2

Both 2km (8:30.2) and 1km (4:11.4) were a struggle to finish. Stopped to take little breaks during both rows and also contemplated reducing the distances. Did pull through so hopefully I’ll get through this week’s program. 

Did deadlifts 5×5 at 50kg and also preacher curls. Did 25 reps (over sets of 2-3) of pull ups after I got home. 

Squeezed in a 40 min gym session in between class and time was a tighter than I expected!


Day #1 again?

2km row at 8:29.7

5×5 bench at 50kg

Overhead tricep pulls 2×10 at 30kg

Box squat 5×5 at 50kg 

1km row at 4:05.9

Finally getting down to squatting after procrastinating heaps over it. I think this might be a good workout routine to work around for the next 12 weeks. 

Plan for tomorrow is: 2km row, 5×5 deadlift and rows, preacher curls, 1km row.