Day #5 … …

2km at 8:31.1. It was honestly mentally challenging. 7x intervals clocking 1111m. 

Bench 5×5 at 50kg. Definitely need to drop the weights next week. I’m thinking pushing machine flys for 5×10 before coming back to bench. 

Seated cable rows: 5×10 at 30kg. Also got asked by an elderly man if I was socialising or exercising (I was on my phone) while I was in between sets. Offered to share with him and he said he would wait till I finished. At the end of the fourth set, he came by and asked to ask how long more I would take (I did say I have 4 more sets to go before). Ironically my entire workout took me ~10 mins including my warmup sets, which is WAY less than what they would have usually taken!! Also, I did offer to share. 

I have waited 25 mins for a lady to finish her row. I don’t see what’s the big deal with waiting for your turn or respectful asking to share. 

Triceps pull down was an absolutely disagree so no notation require. 

Machine chest flys at 25kg: 5×8. 

Guess that concludes week 1 🙂

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