11; 9

1:45 on, 0:15 off x5 and clocked 2189m. Kept first 3 rounds to 2:00 and last two to 2:05, which I’m happy with. Also, accidentally set the ergo to 1:45 instead of the 0:45 I was supposed to go for 🙊

Taking a long break before benching begins. 

Bench at 40kg: 5×10. 

Seated cable row at 45kg: 2×10, at 55kg: 2×5. 

Preacher curl at 22kg (?): 2×10. Not sure how heavy the bar is. Assuming it’s 12kg. 

Overhead tricep pull at 30kg: 2×12. 

Tricep pull down at 30kg: 2×10, at 20kg: 1×10. 

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