Day #3 and pushing 

2km (8:29.5) and instead of finishing with the usual 1km row, I’ve swapped that for 30 seconds rowing, 30 seconds rest intervals. Did that 7 times and ended up clocking 1077m. I guess this might be a more balanced routine. 

Bench 5×5 at 50kg. Bent over rows 3×10-ish at 30kg. Also did triceps overhead pull (up to 30kg), machine pec and deltoid flys. 

Fatigue is definitely building but just two more days! 


Day #2

Both 2km (8:30.2) and 1km (4:11.4) were a struggle to finish. Stopped to take little breaks during both rows and also contemplated reducing the distances. Did pull through so hopefully I’ll get through this week’s program. 

Did deadlifts 5×5 at 50kg and also preacher curls. Did 25 reps (over sets of 2-3) of pull ups after I got home. 

Squeezed in a 40 min gym session in between class and time was a tighter than I expected!


Day #1 again?

2km row at 8:29.7

5×5 bench at 50kg

Overhead tricep pulls 2×10 at 30kg

Box squat 5×5 at 50kg 

1km row at 4:05.9

Finally getting down to squatting after procrastinating heaps over it. I think this might be a good workout routine to work around for the next 12 weeks. 

Plan for tomorrow is: 2km row, 5×5 deadlift and rows, preacher curls, 1km row. 


Why logging matters 

1000m attempt #1 – 4:02.5

1000m attempt #8 – 4:00.8

Day 4 of consecutive 2x1000m rowing. In between attempt #1 and #8 were heaps of 4:08. 

There are also some failed attempts. I had two failed attempts at finishing 1000m this morning and only managed to complete attempt #7 when I stopped looking at the time. 

Tomorrow is “rest” day. Probably going to go for a morning paddle. Next week’s target is to try 5 consecutive days of 2x1000m. 

p.s. managed to do 5×5 pull ups last night after 2 weeks of training. Started from doing 2 reps so I’m pretty pleased with that too. 


Third consecutive day …

Third consecutive day of 2x1000m. It’s somewhat between 4:08-4:10. The plan is to bring it down to 3:35-3:40 over the next 6 months. At the moment I’m happy aiming for a sub-4. 


Progressive loading 

Looks like 3x a week is failing. Right biceps is fairly sore and I’m struggling to bring my elbow into full extension. I might go for an easy ergo session tomorrow instead. 

On the side note, I made kimchi. 


Ergo training #1

After having met the Purple Warriors and PADS dragon boat teams in Hong Kong, I have no reasons to not put in more effort into achieving my fitness goals. 

Attempting a 3x weekly ergo training program as suggested by SJ. The goal is to bring my 500m time closer to 1:30. It’s currently at ~2:00 at the moment so there’s lots of work to do over the next 6 months.